Getting Involved

MSU provides a number of opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to get involved in efforts to cultivate a safe and inclusive campus community. These include committee work, employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, student organizations, and community organizations. Committee, employment, and volunteer opportunities help develop practical, professional skills while providing essential services to people in need and reducing violence in the campus community. For student volunteers and interns, these experiences can help shape career interests and increase marketability after graduation.


Involvement Ideas

  • Student Involvement Ideas
    • Participate in events connected to MSU’s It’s On Us campaign
    • Follow us on Facebook @ItsOnUsMSU
    • Check out volunteer and employment opportunities for campus service providers
    • Get student organizations or clubs you are involved with active on this issue by hosting speakers and attending It’s On Us events
    • Consider serving on a campus committee
  • Faculty/Staff Involvement Ideas
    • Include information about resources and reporting on your syllabus
    • Participate in events connected to MSU’s It’s On Us campaign
    • Follow us on Facebook @ItsOnUsMSU
    • Publicize It’s On Us events and offer extra credit to students who attend
    • Consider service on a committee
    • Check out volunteer and support opportunities for campus service providers
    • Familiarize yourself with your reporting responsibilities and best practices to support students

Campus Committees

  • Violence-Free Communities

    The Violence Free Communities (VFC) is made up of representatives from campus units engaged in efforts to support a campus culture free of relationship violence and sexual misconduct. The committee hosts one open meeting per year inviting members of the campus community. VFC coordinates with the Sexual Violence Advisory Committee to obtain input and feedback from the campus community relating to the campus climate. For more information on the mission of the committee, download its statement of purpose and goals

Employment Opportunities

  • Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) Peer Educators

    Peer educators facilitate freshmen workshops designed to promote awareness and safety in the MSU community. They are responsible for promoting an atmosphere conducive to educating and empowering incoming students to become active bystanders and allies at MSU.

    Peer educators receive a $20 stipend for each freshmen workshop they facilitate. They must be undergraduate students and are required to attend 32 hours of training to become a member of the team. For more information on becoming a peer educator, visit the SARV website

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Safe Place

    MSU Safe Place volunteers or interns have the opportunity to work with clients experiencing relationship violence or stalking. Services include: 

    • Child care
    • Community education
    • Counseling and Support Group
    • Crisis intervention and advocacy
    • Temporary, emergency shelter
    • Transporting clients to appointments

    For more information, visit the MSU Safe Place website

  • Sexual Assault Program

    The MSU Sexual Assault Program services that utilize volunteers and interns to provide support to those who have experienced sexual assault are listed below: 

    • 24-hour crisis line
    • Medical advocacy
    • Legal advocacy
    • MSU judicial advocacy
    • Peer education and outreach
    • Office support

    For more information, visit the Sexual Assault Program website

Community Organizations

  • Capital Area Response Effort

    A domestic violence post-arrest response team for victims/survivors of domestic violence in the Greater Lansing, East Lansing, and MSU communities
    120 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing
    (517) 483-4600

  • LGBT Hotline

    Serving gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning people by providing free and confidential peer support
    (517) 332-3200