Confidential Report

The resources listed on this page can provide a confidential space where you can explore your options, talk about what happened, and obtain support services.

Individuals often find it difficult to speak about what happened. Talking with someone once, or receiving ongoing support, can aid in recovery and assist with safety planning. Accessing services can direct you to other needed resources.

The following private and confidential resources are available at no cost. These services are not required to report incidents to the Office of Institutional Equity or campus police.

Campus Resources

Community Resources

You Should Know

If you are unsure if you want to file a criminal or university report, you are encouraged to consider seeking support from a confidential source on campus or within the community. If you choose to make a report to law enforcement and/or the university, these confidential services can provide support to you throughout the university and/or criminal complaint and investigation processes.

If you choose not to report to law enforcement or the university, confidential resources will still assist with support services and, if requested, can include coordinating with the Office of Institutional Equity to provide any necessary interim measures.

If you choose to report an incident of relationship violence or sexual misconduct only in a privileged/confidential or private setting, the university will not be able to investigate the incident or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator. MSU can only respond to reports made to the Office of Institutional Equity directly by the victim, law enforcement, or someone who is not a confidential source.